Capacity Building Department

Capacity Building is one of the main programs and active sectors of ADA. During the year 2011 the program made excellent and substantial contribution for capacity building of communities and local government. This program had positive role in stabilization and security of target communities and provinces. The program focused on trainings in many areas; such as, trainings on conflict resolution and peace building, rights education, gender and community organization, community based disaster risk management, vocational trainings for marginalized groups, girls education, marketing, emergency preparedness & response, cross border poverty reduction, Tajik-Afghan poverty reduction initiatives, advocacy for civilian casualties and community based stability grant projects. The scope of ADA capacity building program would be expanded through enhancement of awareness for reduction of civilian casualties in current fighting between NATO, Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) and anti-government forces. This program contributed its efforts to knowledge development via conducting joint conferences and coordination and networking among all stakeholders during the year 2011 and would be continued through conferences and research for the establishment of a simple and easy mechanism for the compensation of affected families. The Capacity Building Sector (CBS) implemented various projects, which mostly targeted women empowerment, children education, community stability, peace building, disaster risk reduction, research and advocacy. Furthermore, during the year 2011; more than 700,000 people including 300,000 women and 35,000 children benefited directly and around two million people with more than 40% women benefited indirectly through the implemented projects.