DRA-Afghanistan Joint Response Phase Three (DRA-AFJR-P3) initiative was designed based on the ground realities of the people that what people needed and how technically their problems and suggestions were addressed through lifesaving assistance and services. The project focused on emergency response through Multi-Purpose Cash (MPC), Cash for Work (CFW), Livelihood Input Packages (LIP), and WASH in Kunduz City, Qala-e-Zal, Hazrat Imam Saib, Khanabad, and Aliabad districts of Kunduz Province. The beneficiaries were selected based on the vulnerability, dire humanitarian needs, and impact of IDPs and returned IDPs influx in the region. ADA and its international partner Oxfam have implemented cash-based food security, multipurpose cash, livelihood input packages, and WASH project in Kunduz, financed by DRA. The proposed project was based on positive findings and approaches used for targeting the most vulnerable and poor IDPs, returned IDPs, returnees, and the host communities. The project reached 35,130 (49.19% men 17,280 and 50.81% men 17,850) vulnerable, and conflict affected individuals in the targeted locations of Kunduz province.

This success story is about one of the beneficiaries of “DRA-AFJR-P3” who was served as a beneficiary of multipurpose cash assistance for covering immediate needs in Kunduz.

Mr. Mohammad Yousuf son of Mr. Mohammad Rasool lives in Kunduz city. He originally hails from Jalsh-Aaqtepa village of Qala-e-Zal district. He is 41 years old, married, and is having 5 children (2 boys and 3 girls) with a total of 8 members in his family (including his mother). Mr. Yousuf is the only bread-winner of the family. He expresses the following impact/benefits of multipurpose cash assistance he received as a conflict induced IDP of Qala-e-Zal during the implementation period of this project in Kunduz city.

 “I was displaced from Jalsh-Aaqtepa village of Qala-e-Zal district to Kunduz city due to continual fighting between Afghan National Security Forces and opposition groups. I was living in a very difficult situation with my family without having an income source as well as there was neither job opportunity to work nor any organization to help us out”.

He added, “there was not only economical load of my own family, but also there was a load of my brother’s family who was martyred in a fight, which indeed doubled my problems. I was very hopeless, but the joint team of ADA and other organizations changed my hopelessness to a hope. I was enlisted as a beneficiary and I received the amount of AFN 15,000 as unconditional cash assistance”. Mr. Yousuf expressed, “I also learned new things about women and children’s rights in GBV training and importance of vegetables and fruits for improving health”. He said “I am very happy now, because I purchased some food items for my family started a small shop selling cosmetics for income generation and helping my family to live with dignity and respect”.

At the end, he said, “I am pleased, blessed, and therefore, request all the aid communities and organizations to help the poor and vulnerable people and work for both peace and creation of working opportunities to our countrymen and women”.