The vocational skill training was one of the important outcome of Afghan Development Association (ADA) Economic Empowerment project funded by NCA in Tirin Kot district of Uruzgan province. Over the course of five months, ADA trained 10 youths each in three different vocations such as motorbike repairing, mobile phone repairing and solar repairing. The training included both theory and practical sessions. At the end of the course each trainee received required tool kits for starting their own business or getting employment with existing vocational skill enterprises. Mr. Mohammad Omar son of Mr. Haji Mir Alam was one of the motorbike beneficiaries who was selected as trainee for the stated skill. He expresses his story of success as follow:

My name is Mohammad Omar son of Haji Mir Alam, resident of Solha village, Tirin Kot district, Uruzgan province. The continuous fighting, insecurity coupled with the poor economical status didn’t allow me to get education. Unfortunately, due to the current deteriorated security situation of Uruzgan the job opportunities are low especially for uneducated and unskilled youths and I was one of the unskilled youths who was suffering harsh days of life with no income. Moreover, my family was among those with little agriculture land which was not sufficient for generating income and fulfilling the necessities of life. Since a teenager I was fond of motorbike driving that became the motive behind my interest in vocational skill, especially in motorbike repairing which has a good market in Uruzgan. But unluckily there was no opportunity to learn the stated skill. It says if you sincerely ask Allah for something, Allah will grant it to you and fortunately my wish was fulfilled the day when I joined, ADA/NCA vocational skill training. I was among the nine other eligible youth for motorbike repairing course. I received training on motorbike repairing for 5 consecutive months along with the tool kits. As well as we were introduced to the existing motorbike repairing enterprise in Tirinkot city for traineeship. During the training we have learned technical vocational skill and life skills which really helped me starting my own business. Considering the job opportunity in the city I have started my own business of motorbike repairing workshop in Tirinkot city during 2018. I have a good number of customers and luckily generating 400 – 600 AFN as a daily income from my workshop. Now I am living proudly in the community and supporting my family by providing them the required facilities of life.