Solar reduced my expenses and made my life easy

Sitting on the wheel chair and a big smiley face, Mr.Abdul Salam of Landiana described “we had spent whole life in darkness. We had little means to live with and it was difficult for us to even bear the cost of the kerosene for lighting the lamp. We had two lamps that were used in most needed circumstances. Being a disable person, I had to rely on my family members when I was in need for light during night. When I heard that ADA is doing survey for the beneficiary selection for the solar home lightening systems distribution, I managed to meet the survey committee and requested for being part of the beneficiary list. Luckily I fulfilled the criteria and today you can see solar home lightening system in my house as well. I don’t need to call any person to light the kerosene lamp for me. Now it is only one click and as soon as I press the button by my bed side, the light is there. A solar light is 100 times better, brighter and fresh than kerosene lamp. We don’t need to pay for the kerosene or worry about the health or eye sight problems that was causing due to smoke and dim light”. Abdul Salam thanked all those who had efforts in providing this opportunity for him and his family in a remote village in Dehrawood where according to him, “It was beyond my imagination and can’t even dreamt for such an opportunity”.