Solar home lightning system reduced my expenses and made my life easy

Uruzgan is among the provinces where the people have no access to electricity. Most of people are suffering from lack of access to electricity and are deprived of this basic and important need of life. ADA distributed 440 solar home lightning systems planned for the year 2014 in 11 villages of Terin Kot district of Uruzgan province. Mr. Saleh Mohammad the resident of Cheramgar village is one of the beneficiaries of rural electrification program implemented by ADA. At the end of the project, ADA team consulted Mr. Saleh Mohammad, a project beneficiary, to evaluate the impact of the program on his life. During the interview Mr. Saleh Mohammad expressed that: “We had spent whole life without electricity and in darkness. We have a little earning from our agriculture fields to full fill our basic life needs and it was very difficult for us to purchase oil and gas for house lightening. In addition my two sons, who are students in the village school, were helping me during the day in farming activities and during the night due to lack of access to electricity, they were unable to study. Luckily after receiving the solar home lightning system from ADA, now we don’t need to pay for the oil expenses of lantern and are not concerned about the health problems caused due to use of lanterns and candles. A solar light is better, lighter and fresh than the light from lantern and candles. It is important to mention that now my sons are able to study during the night and are not worried about the expenses and are enjoying the light from Solar Systems. I am thankful to the organization for giving me the solar panels as it has brought great changes in my life style. I use this solar energy for multi purposes such as I use it for charging my telephone and radio that I bought to listen to the news and keep myself aware of the situation in my country”.