Ms. Bibi Jan is now generating income from her small scale poultry business

Uruzgan is among the provinces where the security concerns are at higher level and where women are rarely involved in income generation activities. Most of the female-headed families are suffering more to fulfill their basic needs for survival. ADA introduced the concept of standard poultry program in three villages of Dehrawod and Terin Kot districts of Uruzgan province. Ms. Bibi Jan is one of the women beneficiaries of skill training program (poultry) implemented by ADA in Ghulaman village of Terin Kot district. After the death of her husband, she is responsible to look after her children. Ms. Bibi Jan regularly attended skill training on poultry rearing and also has attended literacy classes. At the end of the project, ADA team consulted Ms. Bibi Jan to evaluate the impact of the program on her life. During the interview Ms. Bibi Jan stated that “My husband was a policeman and he was the family head and was responsible for the family income. Unfortunately, we lost him during an armed clash between government security forces and anti-government elements. There was no other family member to support us; therefore, I started working in neighboring houses in order to get something for the survival of my kids. During the month of April ADA had beneficiaries’ selection survey where I was selected as a beneficiary for the poultry program. We were promised for 20 pullets, drinker, feeders, doors and windows for coop construction. I started the coop construction enthusiastically and was waiting to receive the pullets. It was June 2015 when finally I received the pullets, feed, feeder and drinkers. I kept the pullets in the coop and started rearing them as per the direction given to us during the training. I started collection of eggs from pullets about five months ago and I am very happy for the income I generated from selling the eggs. I collected more than 400 eggs per month out of which I sold more than 100 eggs per month and the rest we consumed at home. This has changed my life, because for a poor family like us, such an income is a lot of money, besides we had eggs in our daily food as well”.