How Literacy Program Brought Changes in Mahbobas Life

Ms. Mahboba, daughter of Mohammad Omar is one of the beneficiaries of literacy component of Community Resilience-Livelihood, Women Peace and Security Project implemented in Masjid Khord, Bala Khana village in Andkhoy district of Faryab province, where she regularly attended nine months literacy class. Ms. Mahboba is 35 years old house wife and she has 8 family members in her family. When she was asked about the impact of literacy program on her life, she replied;

“I am one of those women who didn’t know how to read, write and take care of hygiene and basic health issues”.

She added, “ADA established a literacy class in Masjid Khord Bala Khana village where every participant including me was obliged to attend the literacy class on daily basis. It not only helped me learn about the basics of reading, writing, mathematics and Islamic values, but also enhanced my knowledge regarding daily hygiene such as, when to wash hands and how to keep home and water clean. I also understood women and child rights and most importantly I can easily read and write simple sentences. Let me share something with you that I did not think that literacy class may have that much useful issues. Before the literacy training I was unable to have a follow up and check on my children education. Now at least I can understand their books, asking them about their homework and can support them on the very basic issues specifically the Youngers who are studying in primary classes. In addition, I am getting used to brush my teeth daily, wash hands with soap after using toilet and trying to use the water of bore wells while cooking and drinking. I am thankful to ADA and our villagers who allowed us to participate in this important learning circle”. She stated “my participation in literacy class for a period of 9 months strengthened my relationships with other women from my village. The literacy class brought us closer to each other and enabled us to keep the environment clean”.