Community Resilience Livelihood Women Peace Security and Renewable energy Component Literacy Education

Success Story

ADA implemented literacy education project for female beneficiaries in two districts of Uruzgan province, where due to the cultural restrictions, poor economic situations and insecurity women are deprived from education. Ms. Razia is one of the beneficiaries of literacy component of Community Resilience-Livelihood, Women Peace & Security and Renewable energy project implemented in Terin Kot district. Ms. Razia is 18 years old girl and she belongs to a poor family having 8 members. She regularly attended nine months literacy class. When she was asked about the impact of literacy program on her life during her graduation from literacy class, she replied,

“Culturally, women are not allowed have access to education and that is the reason majority of female are deprived of education in most parts of the Uruzgan province. As a result they can’t contribute to their children education even at a basic level. I am one of those women who had no clue of reading, writing and how to take care of hygiene and basic health issues”.

She said, that I was one of those lucky women who got access to literacy class that was established by ADA in our village. I attended the nine-month literacy classes on regular basis that helped me learn basics of reading, writing and simple calculation. We were taught lessons on the hygiene that brought significant changes in my daily routine where now I am practicing hygiene in my life. I feel that now I am less exposed to the diseases as I regularly wash my hands with soap specifically after using toilet and I have started brushing my teeth as well. Now I am attentive to washing the vegetable prior to cooking and use the water of bore wells while cooking and drinking. Furthermore, I was not able to write the name of friends and relatives with the contact number in my mobile. Fortunately, now I can save a contact number with name and can text in a very simple way to friends.”